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Funhouse is an indoor play centre in Brisbane that has plenty of fun things that you and your kids will want to do! Whether you want to treat them or keep them entertained during the school holidays, Funhouse is an easy option that allows you to spend time and make memories with your family. We have all the latest games and entertainment, so they’ll never get bored! Read More

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Our family-run business started out in 1982 under ABC Amusements. We took pride in our street game amusements business and ensured that we put all the latest pinball machines and video gun games into convenience stores and video shops.

Over the next few years, our business grew enough that we could open our first Funhouse Family Entertainment Centre in 1986 in Toowoomba. It was not long before we were opening more and more stores. Today, our Funhouse stores continue to flourish and provide families with a fun place & kid’s attraction in Brisbane that they can go to for days outs, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Take advantage of Fun Cards!

Although you can still use coins or tokens in all of our machines, our fun cards are an easy way for you to store and carry all of your store tickets and credits. When you are using the fun card, all you need to do is simply swipe the card on the machine, and you can start playing! You can top them up whenever you need to so that you are always ready to go for your next gaming session!

You don’t even need to get one card each; they can be easily shared amongst your children or family as you can multi-swipe them on each machine. As long as you register your card, it is also easy to find all your details and information, so it is an easy and safe way to carry all of your gaming money and E-Tickets around with you.

We offer different levels of cards. There is our Blue Card, which is the standard gaming and ticket saving card, but then there is our Gold and Platinum VIP Card, which gives you access to several deals and benefits!

Experience Our Kid’s Attraction in Brisbane Today!

Funhouse is a great kid’s attraction in Brisbane to create memories and have fun with the whole family! There are lots of video games that you can challenge your friends to a game on, or you can spend your time winning tickets that you can exchange for a large variety of fabulous prizes!

Whether you want a day out, or you want to organise your childrens birthday party, you can count on having fun!

Come and visit us today to see how much fun you can have! We are open 7 days a week until late, so there is plenty of fun to be had!

If you have any questions about our kid’s party packages, contact us today by phone or email at one of our four stores! We will be more than happy to help!
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Funhouse offers our customers a service that no other Brisbane South Indoor Play Centre can match!


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