Children’s Entertainment Brisbane

If you’re looking for a fun place for your children, you’ve come to the right place. Funhouse Family Entertainment Centres are just around the corner for you to enjoy. We have entertainment for all the family, children and adults alike. We offer an escape from day to day life, giving you time to make memories with the ones you love. Read More

We’re Proud to Offer Children’s Entertainment in Brisbane

We’re a family-owned business with over 30 years’ experience in the leisure and entertainment industry. We started out putting the latest pinball machines into convenience stores, and we’ve grown and grown and now have our own center’s Children’s Entertainment in Brisbane.

We provide the highest quality coin-operated machines that appeal to all audiences, whether you’re into new experiences, or still enjoy a good pinball machine. We like to think of ourselves as a safe place for families to come and enjoy themselves, making memories, and coming home with more than just prizes.

A Complete Solution of Children’s Entertainment in Brisbane

You’re our loyal customers, so you’re our top priority. We want you to have a great time at all of our arcade locations, whether you’re here for a children’s birthday party or just a day out for children’s entertainment in Brisbane. Funhouse is a great place to spend the day, rain or shine. We offer only the best machines and the friendliest staff to make your stay as much fun as possible.

Our ticket redemption machines are world-class, and we offer an exclusive method of ‘Australian First’ ticket saving. Save your tickets up over a number of visits to win those big prizes that everyone wants but seem unattainable.

At Funhouse, we want you to win! We want you to lose yourself in our games and come out having had a great experience. It’s always a bonus if you come out with the new games console you’ve just won too! Or maybe you’ve won a major electrical appliance. You can redeem your tickets for all kinds of different prizes, big or small.

Become a VIP to make the most of our arcades. With our fun cards, you can receive a number of different benefits such as free and discounted games! Keep your money and tickets all in one place for an easy to play experience. We have blue, gold, and platinum cards available to use across all of our locations to thank you for being a loyal customer.

Book a Birthday Party for Children’s Entertainment in Brisbane At Funhouse

Don’t forget us when your kid’s birthday comes around & you need a venue for children’s entertainment in Brisbane! We have exclusive party rooms for you to use for your birthday, which come with even more benefits! Free tickets for the birthday person, access to all of our video party games, exclusive party challenges, and more. There are different deals available across our locations, so have a look and pick where’s best for you. Or go for one of our gift cards. Load up the card and we’ll add bonus credits on top!

If you are looking for children’s activities in Brisbane or children’s play centers in Brisbane We’re easy to find, so come and visit us today for some of the best children’s entertainment in Brisbane. We’re open from 9.30 am ‘til late every day so that anyone can enjoy themselves. Whether you’re a child, an adult, or even a grandparent, we’ve got something for you.
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Funhouse offers our customers a service that no other Brisbane South Indoor Play Centre can match!


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