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Keep Your Kids Smiling With 100+ Arcade Games.
Keep Your Kids Smiling With 100+ Arcade Games.

Enjoy Up To 3 Hours Of Family Fun - For An Insane Price Of Just $50!


Family Entertainment That Keeps Your Kids Grinning From Ear To Ear

If only there was a fun way to keep your kids entertained for hours on end… to escape from the everyday and enjoy a family adventure… to discover a place that leaves everyone grinning from ear to ear…

This is the kind of fun that happens every single day at Funhouse! We have more than 100 games and attractions for you to explore in our arcade-style wonderland. Whether you love old-school arcade machines or the latest ticket and video games, there really is something fun for everyone!

Bring Your Family Together And Create Special Memories With Your Kids

Everyone comes to Funhouse with a different goal in mind – you might want to let your child win and bring a smile to their face… or go a little harder and remind them who’s boss!

But whether you’re here to set high scores or you’re a complete beginner, the one thing everyone has in common is a whole lot of fun. Funhouse is the perfect place to share a great time with your family and connect with your loved ones over a game or two. What better way to create lasting memories than the friendly spirit of competition?


Exclusive Online Deal: Spend $50 And Receive A Bonus $30 Credit!

Fun, Fun, And More Fun! That’s What You’ll Discover At Funhouse…

  • The #1 Place To Play Arcade And Video Games In Brisbane With 4 locations across Brisbane and Tweed City, we’re the BEST place in Queensland to play arcade and video games to your heart’s content

  • Over 100 Of The World’s Latest Games And Attractions Choose from the latest ticket or video games and 100+ old-school arcade machines – whatever you preference, there’s more than enough for everyone to enjoy!

  • Exciting Prizes To Be Won, From Xboxes, Playstations To Apple Products You can’t beat the thrill of landing a BIG prize! Collect your tickets and choose from top-tier prizes like Apple products, Nintendo’s, Playstation’s & many more

  • Keep Your Kids Happy And Entertained The Easy Way Funhouse lets you join in and have a great time with your kids, without the stress of planning the activities or keeping them entertained by yourself


Exclusive Online Deal: Spend $50 And Receive A Bonus $30 Credit!

Laugh, Play And Interact… And Win BIG Prizes Along The Way

Wish you could get your kids off their phones and iPads, and interact more with their family and friends? Funhouse is an adventurous environment that captures the fun of old-style arcades – a place your kids can laugh, play, and test their newly found skills against family and friends.

There are more than bragging rights on offer, with a range of world-class ticket redemption games and truly awesome prizes to be won. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of fun the old-fashioned way and sharing the experience with your kids!


Exclusive Online Deal: Spend $50 And Receive A Bonus $30 Credit!

Maximum Fun With Minimal Effort! Take A Break And Let Us Provide The Entertainment

As much as kids love our range of games and attractions, we believe parents deserve a break too. It can be tough to find the time to put your feet up, especially when you’re trying to keep the kids entertained. Funhouse provides the perfect hassle-free activities for school holidays, weekends, and any day in between. Regardless of the weather outside, we’re open 364 days a year – from 10am weekdays or 9am weekends and school holidays until late. That means we’re always available to give your kids the epic time they’ve been craving – and give you a break from creating the entertainment yourself!


Exclusive Online Deal: Spend $50 And Receive A Bonus $30 Credit!

Want to Recharge Your Card?

Don’t want the fun to end? With our simple 3 step process, recharging your credits in store has never been easier!

  • Step 1: Scan the QR Code on the back of your fun card with your phone to view your eticket balance and available Credit

  • Step 2: Choose your deal, load credit online or instore

  • Step 3: Start swiping


Exclusive Online Deal: Spend $50 And Receive A Bonus $30 Credit!

Here’s How It Works… Let the Fun Times Roll!

  • 1

    Discover Your Nearest Funhouse Location
    Find your closest Funhouse Family Entertainment Centre.

  • 2

    Let Your Kids Loose For The Time Of Their Lives
    Try the games with your kids, or sit back and relax while they have the time of their lives – you won’t be able to wipe the smile off their face for weeks

  • 3

    Let The Fun Times Roll On – $30 bonus credit when you spend $50 (available online only) Credit available to use anytime at any store. This way the fun time never stops.


Exclusive Online Deal: Spend $50 And Receive A Bonus $30 Credit!

High Scores, Prizes, And Fun All Around…

Taiya Thaiday

Very friendly staff member who was working, on our first visit here. He helped us when we needed & just made our experience a good one

Sarah Maher

Funhouse is amazing. We take the kids regularly when in Brisbane and they always have the best time and we end up being there for hours on end. Customer service is the best, all the workers are so lovely, polite and friendly. They are always there to help when you need.

Con Costi

Lots of fun and heaps to do for the kids and us adults. Friendly staff that went out of their way to make us all feel welcome and get the most out of our coin investments. Magnificent people like Kalani, Hayley and Ash, who made my God child and her siblings have a memorable time.


Another great place to hang with the family, I don’t know when a we gonna leave. It’s that awesome, thanks a tonne


I love taking my son to this place because it has lot of different games that you can play there and they have a good variety of deals that you can choose from to have on to your funhouse play card. And the staff there are very helpful too.

Scott Musgrove

Took my niece and nephew here about a month ago to fill in sometime on a Saturday afternoon and they had an absolute blast. Staff couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly so a big shout out to Cindy, Brayden and Celine for their customer service!


Fun arcade area with a variety of machines to choose from and play, anything from playing by yourself to more of a group game races and basketball and so on. The staff are always willing to help with whatever concern and resolve issues quickly, overall great place with very helpful staff.

Alfonzo Penzo

such a favourable and enjoyable experience. that person sydney at the front counter so helpful, my son was very happy playing mmt 6 and doodle jump 🙂

Kayla Gibbons-Shayler

I absolutely love this place! The customer service was wonderful. There are good deals on getting a card to play the games with. Although it’s not easy to win prizes through the claw machines, kids prizes don’t cost many tickets, it’s only the big prizes that cost a lot!

Jayde Codey

We had an absolute ball here! I was pleased to see the prices were pretty low compared to some other arcades. Being a child of the 90s I was totally ecstatic to see a lot of my old favourites and many new machines too. I will absolutely be back again!

Kimberlina Howard

Oh funhouse you really live up to your name ahaha such an awesome place been there since I was a kid I used to always come to this place! Everytime we go the staff are always friendly and helpful! Heaps of variety of games and also very clean! Thank you funhouse we always have “fun” at your “house”

Lily Lane

Luv the plushy I won in the skill tester, and some old school nintendo games for us gen x’s/millenials. The kids had a blast as well. Good customer service, too. Well done, thanks.

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