Children’s Activities in Brisbane

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your children for a fun day out in Brisbane, Funhouse Family Entertainment Centre is just around the corner! From videogames to ticket redemption games, and more, we’ve got something for all the family.

Since 1986, we’ve made sure to have all the latest gaming experiences in our arcades, as well as some retro ones. Whether your 5 or 45, we’ve got the right game for you. Read More

Fun Children’s Activities for a Day Out in Brisbane

We offer a selection of children’s activities in Brisbane with the latest technology for tech-savvy teens who are “too cool” for family activities. Have fun with all of our newest games and collect tickets while you play. You can spend them now or save them up to get the perfect prize.

Whether you’ve got only enough for sweets, enough for a new games console or even household appliances, we’ve got a range of different rewards for everyone to enjoy. Keep your prizes as a precious memory of the shop everyone loves.

What Kind of Children’s Activities Do We Offer

We know what games and challenges people need after a long day to cheer them up. Had a hard day at work? Funhouse. Need to wear out the kids before bed? Funhouse. Need something to do on a rainy day? Funhouse. We’re open until late every day of the week so you can visit whenever. Our indoor play centers or entertainment centres are just around the corner for you to enjoy.

We’re not just here for the occasional visit; we can hold parties for up to 60 people. Enjoy 2 hours access to all of our games, including video party games. There are several different offers to choose from to make your birthday party extra special with full of children’s activities in Brisbane. We’ve got invitations ready to print, just don’t forget the cake!

Become a VIP at Funhouse for even more special offers. Each fun card gives you exclusive perks, including store tickets and credits, discounted prices, and even free games! You can still use coins or tokens in our machines, but our fun cards are a great way to keep everything in one place. Charge your card up and play to your heart’s content. Or, buy a gift card for your friends to enjoy the entertainment as much as you do!

Things to do With Kids in Brisbane: Sports’ Fans, Thrill Seekers, Tech Gurus and Bowling Buffs Welcome!

If you crave competition, have a ticket winning ambition or are simply on a family fun mission we have it all down at our Funhouse Centres. These are just some of the things to do with kids in Brisbane. There’s absolutely no judgement or requirements either as we have inclusiveness like no other. It’s not just down to our abundance of machines or variety of activities, it’s also due to the way in which we welcome everyone of any skill set, age group and background. You can come as an expert or a complete novice and you’ll still have a great time. Our conscientious team are always on hand to give you recommendations or show you how everything works. We also offer amazing family activities Brisbane that you and the whole family can experience!

Looking for Things to Do with Kids in Brisbane?

Have you reached that point? You know, that point where you feel like you’ve done everything to try and entertain your children? Are you experiencing that overwhelming feeling that you’ve completely and totally run out of ideas? Visited every park, soft play area, seen every new film, been to every McDonald’s, friend’s house, swimming pool and zoo?

If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Brisbane, it’s time to come to a Funhouse (leading indoor play center in Brisbane), where you can all have some fun. At our centres, you can spend some quality time together as it’s a place that’s designed for all the family.

The Excitement and Simple Joy of Play Awaits You at a Funhouse

We also worry about what is best for our kids. We want them to enjoy all this free time they have before they grow up and end up with mountains of homework and endless exams.

There’s that desire to make sure that they realise how fun it really is to be a kid and enjoy games from their unclouded eyes. At a Funhouse, it’s all here to be discovered and we know that you’ll have many fun-filled afternoons with us. We’ve come a long way since selling our very first sets of arcade machines in Brisbane and seeing your smiles spurs us on to carry on creating magical spaces for you.

Why Come to Funhouse for Children’s Activities in Brisbane

We have over 30 years’ experience in the amusement and entertainment industry and make sure that our customers are our priority. We provide excellent customer service and a great, friendly atmosphere for children’s activities in Brisbane that all entertainment centres should have and more.

As a local business, we’ve all about the ‘Australian First’ Reward system. This is a unique way for families to save up their tickets to win those extra special prizes. Some entertainment centres make the prizes almost impossible to win, but at Funhouse, we make it easy to get even the big prizes as a returning customer.

So, come and visit one of our childrens play centers in Brisbane today to create lasting memories and fun for all the family. From children to adults, everyone will enjoy the games we have in store. We’re open 9.30 am – late 7 days a week, 364 days a year.
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Funhouse offers our customers a service that no other Brisbane South Indoor Play Centre can match!


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